Jitify was a startup company I created in 2009 to do "just-in-time web optimization"; the product was web proxy software that automatically optimized the outgoing web content to make pages download faster. I eventually shut down the venture and joined F5 to help build web performance optimization features into their load balancers.

Before closing Jitify, though, I released part of the software as open source. This website contains the code and documentation.

While I'm no longer actively developing Jitify, I hope others may find the code useful.

- Brian Pane

What's in Jitify?

The Jitify open source release includes:

  • Streaming, non-backtracking lexical parsers for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, written in Ragel
  • A rewriting engine that does minification and various link rewriting for those three content types
  • Plug-in modules for Nginx and Apache 2 that run the rewriting engine on both static and dynamic content

Getting Started

Read more about the components and features or download the source code.